Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Weekly Wishes #2

Ok, so it's been an extended week, but here's how my list of wishes looks now:

 1. Use my spare time to do something related to writing be it a feature proposal, competition entry, research.  Sorting out my shelving unit and filing systems I encountered numerous story starts and ideas. One has been growing and growing. I re-read my current book and the next part of the chapter is bubbling away in the back of the mind. So although I haven't actually WRITTEN anything, I have most certainly turned my attention to writing.
2. Write the next chapter of my book (or at least start on it) This is rolling over to the coming week.
3. Sort out the loose filing on my desk. Done!
4. Send back the pension information form sitting on my desk. - It's in the envelope to be posted.
5. Write a blog post about my word of the year. Online!

So for the next week I'm just making a very focused wish list:

  • book
  • feature ideas for submission
That's it, short, simple but very very important! 

One of the nice things about this link up is that you visit other people's blogs and offer them encouragement and motivation on their goals. Apart from this being a nice thing to do, it also means that you come across some truly interesting, creative and inspiring people, like Dija.

If you want to join in with the Weekly Wishes link up just click the button below:

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Good Luck!

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