Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekly wishes

So as I was entering Jane Heinrichs give away and exploring the blogs involved in it I came across a link-up called Weekly Wishes - a community of goal setters:

The Nectar Collective

I followed the button above which took me to this post: thewellnessdoer and then this post Challenge Accepted. The idea of the community of goal setters really appealed to me because my friends and I hold 'Positive Planning' sessions (to read more about what this means, visit my friend's excellent post all about them: Jennifer Grace Creates. Anyway, the idea of weekly wishes fits perfectly into this idea of positive planning - although we tend to make targets for a month rather than a week. However, as we are in the middle of March, I'm going to do a few weekly wishes and see how that gets me through, ready for April and a load of monthly wishes!

So, my weekly wishes for this week:

1. Use my spare time to do something related to writing - be it a feature proposal, competition entry, research...
2. Write the next chapter of my book (or at least start on it)
3. Sort out the loose filing on my desk.
4. Send back the pension information form sitting on my desk.
5. Write a blog post about my word of the year.

Just five to get me started, though I know a couple of them will be tricky!

Want to join in too? Then just click on the button above and get going!

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